Pinterest Friday....Mess Free Finger Painting!

I love finding new ideas for kid friendly activities...there are plenty all over Pinterest. When I saw this one I immediately thought what a great independent activity.
Go check out the Hippie Housewife where this pin came from!

It could keep the kids busy while I did laundry, the dishes, cleaned the bathroom, made dinner, or...blogged!
I thought I could use just about any type of paint I had laying around because it would never touch their hands or clothes.
So I gave it a try!
I got two gallon size ziplock bags and some masking tape. I put in a good amount of some paint I had from the nightlight canvas I did a few weeks ago. {if you missed that one check it out...we are still in love with them}
Not kid friendly paint necessarily but what could go wrong??

This was really a great activity...but I seem to have extremely curious children {not a surprise to me at all!} Notice the tape in the last few pictures. After "painting" for a few minutes they wanted to see what happened when they rubbed the plastic with their fingernails and pressing hard. As annoying as that was I don't ever want to squish their curiosity. It really is a strong part of who each of them are and I love every aspect of them! Next time I will use a washable paint instead so I don't have to be so crazy if they get holes in the bags!

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