Opps...Pinterest Friday missed!

After having our first trip to the beach, I found myself burnt to a pretty good crisp and never got around to getting my latest pinterest post out. But with our first family vacation to the Outerbanks just around the corner I have one specific project I found on Pinterest that I am going to attempt.
When we went to Disney World a year and a half ago we bought the kids neck pillows. They worked great for Lizzy since she was in her convertable car seat. But for Jake in his large booster seat {like the one in the picture above with the little girl} his head boobed forward every time he fell asleep. It looked so painful! And now that Lizzy is in the big booster and Jake has a basic booster we are in desparate need of suitable pillows!!

So with our trip to the Outerbanks coming up I want to make sure the kids can nap comfortably!
The tutorial looks great! I'm heading to the craft store tomorrow for supplies...i get a bit giddy when I get a chance to go to the craft store!!!
Stay tuned for a completed project!

PS~I will also be posting a diy pillow case tutorial this week too.
Don't you just love the fabric...and the girl is pretty cute too!
I'm in a crafty mood!

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