A Walk in the Rain

Dreary is the best word I have to describe the weather today.
But the boy had field day at his school so all of our spirits were up!
Only three more days until the unoffical start of summer for all Audubon kids! {I am still in complete disbelief that our sweet baby boy will no longer be in kindergarten~tears, lots of tears!}
We are looking forward to lots of times by the pool, at the beach and just being together!
But today it rained, a light cool rain.
The kind that is fun to walk in with umbrellas and rain boots and even a little friend.
{Honestly, we had to walk because i didn't have a carseat for Mackenzie, but we still had fun}
Not enough to postpone field day, thank goodness!
 She's very excited to be sharing the stroller
 Lizzy loved riding with Kenzie...what cuties!!!
 A special treat after field day

He still loves his Thomas umbrella, even though Thomas isn't top on his toy list anymore. I think Thomas will always have a special place in his heart.

 ...a view from the inside
He couldn't resist a little twirl...I mean come on, who could resist a little "Singing in the Rain" twirl???
I have always loved playing in the rain, especially in the warm summer months! This something my kids have come to love as well. I am looking forward to many days of splashing and dancing in the rain!

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