Can I just say that goodbye's suck...no matter how you dress them up, they just suck! Today my family had to say goodbye to a pretty great family that we have been very close to!
We did it in style, Pop Shop style that is!!! {it still sucked and didn't matter that we were at our favorite go to diner...it still sucked}

 It was their first time at The Pop Shop!!!

 the famous soda jerk hats!
 Our crazy boys!
 love her!

 One of our favorite servers, Ms. Sara!
{thanks for putting up with our crazies this morning}
 chocolate chip pancakes!!!

 what a cutie pie

 silly faces!!!

{I think there was a little cheer from the rest of the Pop Shoppers when we left...our kids were a bit crazy while we were there}

It isn't easy to find a friend who is more than tolerant of crazy children, who loves Good Morning America, the Twilight series and Hunger Games! I only wish we would have realized this all sooner and had more crazy adventures together! But I know this is just goodbye for now and we will get together when we can. Until then we will blog and text and facebook!

We are going to miss them like crazy and can't wait to be able to visit them in their new home.
We pray that they love and enjoy their new home and make more friends.
I did hold it together until goodbyes happened...as we drove away more tears came.
It was finally real.
Jake asked if I was crying because I couldn't go anymore dates with Ms. Gina.
I said, "Yeah buddy!"

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